Monday, May 7, 2007

Links for 5/7

Well that was a fun weekend...NOT.

In fact, aside from Santana's battle against a deep Red Sox tline up, it seemed like everything that could go wrong, did. Joe Mauer's heading to the DL, sideburns, "lump in his leg" and all. Of course, with Cuddyer battling a back bruise and Morneau slumping, the last thing the suddenly punchless Twins' lineup needed was another Ziggy, of which they now have eleven. It seems like the only player hitting, is Torii, who extended his hit streak to twenty and who might just be worth resigning. Even with Torii raking the ball, however, if you want a chance at catching a game ball at the Metrodome, I'd still suggest sitting in foul territory, since it doesn't look like they're going to be many balls hit into the bleachers for awhile.

Of course, as Ozzie Guillen can attest, just because a lineup doesn't have many (or any, really) power threats, doesn't mean it can't beat you. Which is why it's still interesting to read Curt Schilling describe how he went through the Twins' lineup on Sunday. Whatever your opinion on Schilling, his blog is one of the best glimpses into the duel between hitters and pitchers and yet another reason to be thankful for the existence of the internet.

And even when he's spending too much time talking (whether it be about his bloody sock, gaming or politics), Schilling still doesn't approach the obnoxiousness of Roger Clemens. Did everyone else enjoy his announcement from on high on Sunday? And by enjoy, I mean, "made you want to slam your head against the wall." And let's not spend too much time thinking about the ramifications of Clemens' deal on the negotiations with a certain two time Cy Young Award winner. The weekend was negative enough as it was.

And now, an all positive Quick Links:

  • Both papers took a look at the career of Jim Rantz, soon to be a member of the Twins' Hall of Fame.
  • Construction of the Twins' ball park is about to begin!
  • The Twins' field isn't the only one the Twins' are helping to fund.
  • Someone put up a lot of video of Twins' prospects in the Gulf Coast League.

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