Monday, May 21, 2007

Links 5/22

Let's see a show of hands--was anyone that surprised when the two young pitchers dominated this weekend and the veteran failed to win a game where his offense scored five runs? Mr. Ryan and Mr. Gardenhire, you can put your hands down. Anyone else? No?

Luckily for the Twins, they have three more stud starting pitching prospects to choose from once Terry Ryan and Gardenhire get around to removing Ramon Ortiz from the rotation. And it's something they should do as soon as possible, starting with using Thursday's bye to skip his spot in the rotation, rather than Scott Baker's. This is doubly important, as we've already seen what happens when Baker doesn't pitch regularly.

After skipping Ortiz, the next step in showing the Twins' commitment to winning is to move him to the bullpen (or trade him) so as to allow a younger, more talented pitcher to get his starts. The choice would likely be between Kevin Slowey and Matt Garza, due to the recent injury to Denny Reyes (never trust a former Royals pitcher) that leaves Glen Perkins as the only left hander in a bullpen that's already missing Jesse Crain. Garza is someone Twins' fans will be familiar with, having watched him pitch last year. Slowey, however, is more of an unknown, as he's yet to throw a pitch in the majors. Naturally, a Twins' blogger took the advice of the 2002 advertising campaign and got to know him through an interview.

While you're waiting for the inevitable announcement that the Twins are skipping Baker's start, make sure you check out the Quick Links:

  • Is Erik Lis the answer to the Twins' power shortage? Roger Clemens thinks so.
  • Coffeyville Whirlwind is holding a playoff of the best teams in the Twins' history. The first matchup? The 1965 Twins v. the 1987 Twins.
  • Pacifist Viking ponders the effect of sabremetrics on poetry.
  • Nick & Nick were in Milwaukee this weekend. And look! They have pictures!
  • The Ballad of Bombo Rivera
  • Possible help for the Twins' injury depleted bullpen?
  • Something for the Twins to keep in mind, since they're about to start relying on young pitchers (Baker definitely looks young enough to pitch in Little League).
  • Apparently, there are still players in the Majors who were in RBI Baseball for the NES.
  • Ozzie Guillen: Completely Insane.

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