Tuesday, May 15, 2007

GameDay Career Counseling

Career changes can be tough. After all, when you've spent your whole life doing something and suddenly find out that you're done, that can be a bit jarring. One can find himself wondering, "What now?" Well, that's where we at GameDay Career Counseling (GDCC) come in. Here at GDCC, we're committed to finding the right fit for you as you move into the next stage of your working life.
With a couple of the Twins' own either already on the job hunt or soon to be perusing the classified section, we at GDCC have decided to make a special offer. In order to help Sidney Ponson and Ramon Ortiz find the right second career for them, we've run their profiles through our super-advanced JobMatch 3000 system. The results are available free of charge. So Sidney and Ramon, take a look at these personalized recommendations and pick the one that strikes your fancy!

Judge Smails says: The world needs ditch-diggers too!

Pizza Delivery
Yes indeed, Sid and Ramon. You've proven yourself experts in the field of delivering cheese right over the plate, so that hitters can dive right in. Now you can put those skills to work (in 30 minutes or less, or the pizza's free!).

Doesn't this look fun?

Sparring Partner
You've both proven yourself quite adept at getting knocked around a bit. Now, you can do it for a living! We at GDCC would recommend not waiting on this option; there are no guarantees the sport of boxing will be around much longer, and we doubt either of you would be a good fit in the UFC.

Seems like a perfect fit!

Rocket Scientist
With years of experience in the field of high-speed, vertical trajectories, the transition from the mound to the launch-pad should be a cinch. If you're lucky, one of those probes will find the last home-run ball you gave up!

We're on the verge of a breakthrough!

Major League Pitching Coach
Hey, I had to sneak one joke in here, right?

Well Sidney and Ramon, we at GDCC hope you see something you like. If nothing strikes you, the JM3K spits out over 4,000 unique recommendations; simply drop by our office 24/7 (that's 24 hours per week, 7 months per year) for the complete list. Happy job hunting!

Employers! Have a job listing for Sidney or Ramon? Send it along to aodshark@gmail.com

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