Monday, July 16, 2007

Northwoods League Beat: The Second Half Begins

The first half titles are safely in the pockets of the St. Cloud River Bats and the Green Bay Bullfrogs. The All-Star Game (and most of those scouts) is a thing of the past. Now, it's time for teams in the Northwood's League to get back to business and try to capture a second half title.

With about 7 games already completed for most teams, the two divisions seem to be running true to form. The North, led by the Duluth Huskies (4-2), Rochester Honkers (4-3), and Thunder Bay Border Cats (4-3) is once again a tight race. On the flip side, the South Division is a division of have's and have-nots. The Wisconsin Woodchucks, Eau Claire Express, and Green Bay Bullfrogs lead the charge with a 6-1 record each.

Over the weekend Eau Claire's Cole Calhoun and Wisconsin Woodchuck, Vicente Cafaro, had exceptional days at the plate while Thunder Bay's Matt Fields threw a complete game shutout with 10 strikeouts.

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