Monday, April 2, 2007

Play Ball

In the opening day spirit, I thought I'd try my hand at a little bit of the running diary while watching the Twins/Orioles tilt. I only planned on doing it for about an hour and a half, just to kind of get the feel for the whole liveblogging/running diary thing. There's a chance that, if people think it would be fun, we could have occasional live-blogs of games here as they're played out. So what follows is my first crack at the format, as it were. I got a bit of a late start, coming in in the bottom of the first. So... here we go. Be kind.


6:22 PM--And, I've finally made it, only five outs late. Brilliant. The Chairman inside-outs one to left field, and away we go. I must be good luck.
6:24--No milk jug this year? That's a shame--I blame the lost calcium for Mauer's leg injury.
6:26--It's the curse of the missing milk jug; Cuddyer down on a backdoor slider to end the first.
6:30--Tejada's single breaks up the no-hitter. I'm a jinx.
6:31--Rondell tries to fool the runner with the "I lost the ball in the ceiling" trick. Note to Rondell--an Oscar is not in your future, friend.
6:33--The President picks off Tejada, then K's Gibbons on the next pitch. Is there even anything fun to say about him?
6:36, :37--Morneau and Hunter each go opposite field, on consecutive pitches. And, near as I can tell, no blows are thrown in the dugout afterward.
6:40--It's comforting to know that however this college thing works out, at least there will always be a job working on Menards ads.
6:42--Radke joining Dick and Bert while Johan gets locked in. My Radke bobblehead approves.
6:48--After a walk to the 9 hitter, Brian Roberts drops one softly behind second. Corners, two down. Johan quickly goes 0-2 to Mora.
6:50--...and destroys him with a changeup for a swinging third strike. The changeup looks locked in early.
6:54--Gah. Do we really have to bring up Liriano? I prefer to pretend that he was just some kind of dream, not a real player. It's easier to deal with that way.
6:57--I should have been an Ultimate Fighter. Nobody looks cooler in their commercials than an Ultimate Fighter.
7:01--Apparently someone named Paris from American Idol is chatting up Dick and Bert. Believe it or not, this is a bit outside my comfort zone.
7:05--Aubrey Huff gets the Baltimore scoring started with an RBI double, and then Gibbons drives him in with a chopper over Morneau. Back even at two, one down.
7:08--Corey Patterson laces one off the baggie--RBI double to push Baltimore ahead 3-2. The O's are starting to take their hacks early in the count.
7:14--I'm not sure how one is supposed to do this exactly. Do I give any play-by-play? Witty banter? Fun and easy cooking tips? A few singles to start the Twins' 4th, by the way.
7:18--What should I be expecting from Rondell? Anything? I feel like if all of his limbs stay attached, it's a successful game.
7:20--White stays fully assembled and draws a walk to load the bases. Cirillo at the dish, and my roommate is in actual physical pain seeing him in a Twins uniform.
7:22--Morneau... thrown out by approximately three miles. But the tying run (Cuddyer) scores on Cirillo's single. Looks like Morneau blew threw a late stop sign. Bako, the catcher, took the worst of the collision--looks sliced open under the chin.
7:27--Moving right along, tied at 3 through 4. And Channel 29's out-of-commercial intro thing is trying to hypnotize me. I think it might have worked, too--I'm increasingly excited about the Sidney Ponson era.
7:31--Rondell robs Mora of extra bases with a diving grab. And I'm happy to report that he walked away from the attempt.
7:33--My roommate wants to buy a boat. It's hard to argue with him.
7:37--Rally time, kids. The boat will have to wait. Punto doubles over the wall in right-center. 2nd & 3rd, no out. The Chairman at the dish.
7:40--Bedard in trouble. Bases full, none out, the 4-5-6 coming up.
7:44--Passed ball--4-3 Minny. Curly at the plate with two on.
7:45--Morneau thrown out again, this time trying to stretch it to a double off the baggie. 5th run scores. Gotta get him a copy of Tom Emanski's baserunning video.
7:47--Breaking it open? Hunter chases Bedard with a double, 6-3. This one is going exactly to plan--get the big names to produce, then hold on.
7:53--Tejada turns on one--the Metrodome crowd, however, wants none of his souvenirs.
7:54--Johan showing flashes all evening. Not totally sharp, but the changeup looks good.
8:01--Santana finishes off his 6 innings, up 6-4. Sounds like he's done for the night, and so am I. Trying to make this sort of thing interesting is hard work. Maybe I'll try again some time.

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