Tuesday, October 9, 2007

e-mail Exchange

Taking notice of the trade rumor that Jonah Keri and Charley Walters have mentioned, I sent a Dodgers-rooting friend of mine an e-mail.


Kemp, Kershaw and LaRoche for Santana... would you want that to go down as a Dodgers fan? The other rumor I've heard is that if the Mets can sign A-Rod they'll offer the Twins Reyes, Pelfrey and Gomez for Santana. I'd take either deal as a Twins fan, although I think I prefer the Dodgers rumor.


His response:


I wouldn't do that in a million years - I wouldn't give up that much talent for anyone and certainly not for the privilege of paying someone $20m/yr. Just crazy. Frankly, I wouldn't trade Kershaw for Santana straight up.

On another note, I'm in Korea right now and just took in the first game of the Korean playoffs - Hanwha v. Samsung. I'd put the level of play somewhere in the A spectrum. A few thoughts:

1) Defense was excellent. Great footwork, great hands. Arms weren't great. A number of great catches and great plays. However...

2) The dimensions of the stadium were a joke - 300 down both lines, 345/350 to dead center. You can tell that a field that small totally changes the game - definitely makes defense easier for the outfielders - there aren't any gaps! Plus, the two home runs that were hit would either be line outs or doubles.

3) Hitters had no power.

4) Pitching. Not one pitch broke 90 mph, but the control was impeccable. Very few three ball counts and only two walks.

5) The crowd was insane.

Anyway, it was cool. I'd recommend it.


Seeing as the last time the Twins made a blockbuster trade was? Does the Knoblauch deal count? I'm not getting my hopes up. But on the other hand, Ned Colletti isn't nearly as intelligent as Nolan...


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Anonymous said...

Dominic Piazza- can anyone out there tell me if his dad is Anthony that played WNMU baseball as the catcher (85-86) in New Mexico? If so, an old teammate is looking for him.