Saturday, September 22, 2007

SBG First Annual Convention

Friday night at work I get the following e-mail from our esteemed editor Twins Geek:
Hey guys,

If any of you get this tomorrow morning, I've texted our lead vendor Bernie to supply 20 GDs to you all for tomorrow's game. (I hope his mobile shows text messages.) If one of you could tell him who you are and pick them up in my absence, I'd appreciate it. I'll be coaching my daughter's soccer team at that time. Thanks.

Twins Geek
Tomorrow morning? Wha... ? Why would I need 20 GameDays? I love the program but isn't one enough? What's going down? (It turns out Twins Geek is sincere enough to send maddeningly vague e-mails, but not sincere enough to answer any follow-up questions they produce).

Fortunately, I find help on our mothersite, and the blogsphere guide leads me to a post about the First Anual SBG Convention. I figure this must be what Twins Geek is talking about, and even if not, it looks like fun.

Not wanting to crash the party alone, I decided it was a great opportunity to wake John Sharkey up at 8:30 in the morning on a Saturday. The phone rings five times but no answer. I leave a message. Then I think about leaving 20 messages, but decide against it. (Why won't you talk to me John!?!) Sharkey ends up calling me back in time for me to pick him up on my way down to Huberts. We find parking and head out in search of the elusive "Bernie".

Hey, Twins Geek, guess what? I don't think Bernie's phone does receive text messages, because when Sharkey and I introduced ourselves, dropped your name, and asked to be comped 20 issues it didn't look like he was given any advance warning. To him it looked more like we were a couple of scam artists trying to make off with $40 of merchandise (to be fair, Sharkey does give off a constant shady vibe). But, Bernie plays it cool and programs in tow we head out for Huberts.

From there, I'll leave it up to Stick and Ball Guy to tell the narrative of his first convention. You can check out his Convention Report over at the World's Greatest Online Magazine, a title we'll allow him to hold because because GameDay is a print publication.

I'm looking forward to the Second Annual SBG Convention.

People in attendance:
Twins Geek (GameDay)
Kyle Eliason (GameDay)
John Sharkey (GameDay)
Stick and Ball Guy (SBG Nation)
StatFreak101 (SBG Nation)
Moss (SBG Nation)
Andrew (SBG Nation)
Q (Honorary SBG Nation)
Carter Hayes & Finance (Carriage Return)
Aaron Gleeman (
Scot & Emily (Coffeyville Whirlwind)
Will Young (Will's Title Is Too Long)

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