Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Race In Baseball: Follow Up

Vikes Geek wrote in the comments section under my last post:
It would be interesting to see the numbers for "white" players in MLB versus the general population. Based on the logic of forming inner-city camps to attract inner-city kids (I think that's actually code for a more specific sub-set of kids), maybe there's an even stronger argument for setting up baseball camps in the rural heartland.
From the same 2006 report that cited African-Americans as 8.4% of the Major League population, whites were reported to compose 59.5%. I read through the report and while it, like Gary Sheffield, distinguished between black domestic-born and black international-born players, I couldn't find any evidence that it distinguished between white domestic-born and white international-born players in Major League Baseball. The following white international-born players active in 2006 might slightly skew the results when directly comparing percentages to the 2000 Census data:
Justin Huber - DH (KC)
Peter Moylan - RP (ATL)

Jason Bay - OF (PIT)
Eric Bedard - SP (BAL)
Ryan Braun - RP (KC)
Rheal Cormier - RP (TOR/PHI)
Jessie Crain - RP (MIN)
Ryan Dempster - RP (CHC)
Jeff Francis - SP (COL)
Eric Gange - RP (LAD)


Phil Stockman - RP (ATL)

Tom Mastny - RP (CLE)

Total - 12
So, if we remove the above 12 players from the 707 white players cited by the report, we get 695, which is 58.5% of the 1188 player pool cited by the report.

The 2000 Census lists 71.5% of the American population as White. With 71% of Major League Baseball players being born in America, that means we'd expect 50.8% of all players to be whites born in America.

So, to answer Vikes Geek's question, there were around 91 more white, American born players in MLB in 2006 than we'd expect based off of the percentage of whites in America.


Vikes Geek said...

Maybe we need re-education camps for some of the white players already in MLB to help reduce the number of white players.

If whites are over-represented and african-americans are nearly proportionally represented, who's underrepresented due to white over-representation?

Kyle Eliason said...

My guess, without checking the numbers would be American-born latino players, which would probably fly under the radar easily as the vast majority of international players are latino.

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Harry said...

Really confusing. I thought the issue was Baseball not the number of white or black players. As long as they know how to play baseball very well, this skin color problem doesn’t matter anymore…

Katie said...

Is it become a problem? That white or black players dominate in MLB? For me the most important is the players give the best performance for MLB. Just my opinion!