Friday, August 24, 2007

What's Wrong With This Picture?

I swiped the following illustration from the good people over at :

Why is this guy pumping his fist in the air? And why is everyone standing? All of the fielders are standing relaxed at their positions. The pitcher looks like he might be in motion, but if he were putting the ball in play and was already into his windup, you'd expect a few infielders in ready stances.

From what I can tell, the crowd is giving the starting pitcher a standing ovation during his warm up pitches? And one multiracial couple in particular are really going nuts?

"Yeah, Johan, baby! Get loose! Thata way to warm up! Oh yeah, test out the slider now! Do it! YES!"

I hope the new park has a crapload of EMTs, as heaven forbid the home team scores a run. Fans are going to be passing out left and right more frequently than heroines in Gothic novels overcome with incapacitating tidal waves of emotion.

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John Sharkey, Esq. said...

Can't you tell? He's obviously cheering for break-out rookie sensation Ben Revere, who is currently at the plate just out of view.