Thursday, August 23, 2007

Farewell to the White Flag

The Twins parted ways with Ramon "The White Flag" Ortiz on the 15th, shipping him off to Colorado for middling infield "prospect" Matt Macri, who managed to put up decent numbers in Double-A as a 25 year-old (don't get your hopes up, Matt).

Even though GameDay editor John Bonnes already conceded the point on his blog, I'd like to rub his preseason comment that the Twins couldn't do much better for $3-4 million than Ramon Ortiz in his face one last time. As I see it, here is how things shook out for the Twins as a result of the Ortiz signing, with respect to which players currently call the Twins' minor league system home:

Option A
Ben Revere - OF
Matt Macri - INF

Option B
Andrew Brackman - SP

I'll take Option B. Anyone honestly think Brian Cashman would trade Brackman for Revere and Macri?


John Sharkey, Esq. said...

I stand and salute the White Flag; he shall be missed.

By the rest of the league.

John said...

seriously kyle? Brackman? Of all the moronic things I've written, that's the one you want to go after me on?

So you would rather the twins sign a college kid to a 4 year deal for $14m and get his clock ticking right now before he undergoes TJ surgery? I admit I don't know much about this kid, but what am I missing? I think I woulda ripped the twins if they would a wasted adraft pick on him and signed that same deal. Do I only have half the story?

Kyle Eliason said...

He's a 6'11" starting pitcher that regularly hits triple digits on the radar gun, who despite being a college player is still pretty raw and has a very high ceiling as he didn't pitch very much as an under classman splitting time with the NC State basketball team.

As opposed to a fourth outfielder and organizational solider?