Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bludgeoning a Large, Dead Horse

It still sticks in my craw, but as long as Matt Garza is up by May, I've got nothing substantial to complain about. The Twins fifth starter isn't going to throw that much this month and if the Twins' brass feels fine tuning Garza for a month in Triple-A is the way to go, then fine.

The pessimist in me knows that Ponson's performance is going to be forgiven because Ron Gardenhire penciled in a player with two bum knees and very rusty instincts to play left field tonight. Sidney Ponson would have hung with the likes of Rodriguez, Jeter, Abreu and Giambi otherwise.

Two different people at work threw that rubbish in my direction. "He didn't pitch that poorly, really." Kubel's gaff aside, Ponson still allowed 12 other base runners in less than six innings. It doesn't matter that a portion of those base runners reached on weakly hit balls, because that's going to be par for the course with Ponson. He isn't going to miss bats and when a pitcher allows almost every hitter to put the ball in play, duck farts and bleeders are going to go for hits.

For the time being, I'll bottle my righteous sports-fan indignation within. At least for another 20 days until the calendar flips to May.

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